Innovation processes

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The creation of acustomized project plan is of paramount importance in the innovation process. The search for partners for production and sales requires an extensive knowledge of the individual industry.

There are also many obstacles to overcome before marketing is successfully completed. Pieter van Weenen & Co. is there to support you!

Project plan in the innovation process

Project procedure for the launch of a new product

Patent registration and approval
Market and competition analysis
Marketing concept
  • Competitive environment
  • Regions
  • Distribution channels
  • Customer segmentations
  • Sales partners
  • Price
  • Advertising presence
  • Marketing PvW
  • Sales partners
    • OEM
    • Key Account
    • Direct marketing
    • Retail distribution
  • Production partner

Typical partner search procedure

Definition of the requirement profile
e.g. regional presence, experience, market access, complementary products in the range, personnel qualifications
Search assignment with time frame
  • PvW contacts
  • PvW research
    • Preselection
    • Discussion of results
    • Presentation 1 - 3 potential companies
    • Negotiation
    • Conclusion of the contract
    • > Implementation
  • Internet connection


The most common barriers to launching a new product:

  • The product is not ready for series production in time
  • The product does not meet the requirements of the user.
  • The patent department of a potential competitor searches against the patent
  • Barriers to the potential licensee:
    • The product replaces an existing product of a company and makes investments already made superfluous.
      • personal aspects
      • lack of decisiveness
      • wrong contact persons
  • The capital for realization is unavailable
  • The inventor takes no risks

“We support you in removing these obstacles.”

Market success depends on many factors, as the chart below shows. Every single criteria needs to be fulfilled to ensure successful patent marketing.

Market success of the property
rights / the invention

Source: Empirical studies PvW

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