About Pieter van Weenen & Co. GmbH

Pieter van Weenen & Co GmbH accelerates the innovation process through targeted cooperation in the process chain product development – sales/marketing – production – logistics – user.

The realisation of the most economical and profitable approach for all parties involved in the process chain is always the goal.


Guiding principles

Managing Partner

Tobias Krebs

  • Born 1956, managing partner since 1997
  • Industrial Engineer and MBA INSEAD
  • Many years of practical experience in large and medium-sized companies with a focus on:
    • Industrial Marketing (Analysis, Planning, Strategy)
    • International Sales
    • Innovation processes in the company
    • Market-oriented development of new products
    • Implementation of processes for the analysis and increase of
      customer satisfaction
  • Foreign languages: English, French, Spanish
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